Welcome to Camp Fire Water.

We thought about a place on a lake after buying our first boat, a 1948 Chris Craft Custom Runabout, 20'. We rented a boathouse the first year on Lake Lanier, a small mountain lake just outside of Tryon, North Carolina, where we spend the Fall in pursuit of our foxhunting endeavors. We came to realize that Tryon was one of the only places in America where we could foxhunt in the morning and go boating in the afternoon.

After a couple years we found the perfect boathouse on Lake Lanier. It just happened to come with a great lot but a fairly nondescript house. Seemed like a few bucks and some time and energy and that could be solved. Whew.

Well, the boathouse acted like a vacuum and before we knew it Southern Nights, the 20' Chris Craft, proved to be too big and powerful for the little lake and was sent to our Saugatuck, Michigan home for summer use. Soon she was replaced with two 17' boats. Perfect. Now the boathouse was furnished and it was time for the main house and grounds (or camp, as we call it)

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Trip & Alan